So you are here, I guess you want me to talk about myself a bit 😉 Love it!

My name is Alberto Matus, but everyone calls me Bert. I was born in the beautiful country Belize - "Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret" and I currently live in the west, a quaint small town San Ignacio. Wait! Not, now I'm currently situated in a town called Benque Viejo which is about 15 minutes away from San Ignacio. Though, San Ignacio will always be my home! I’ve traveled to ten different countries, with multiple locations in them.

I love discussions, learning, and to travel a lot, so when the opportunities arise there I go!

Alberto Matus

As hobbies: Trying some experimental photography, enjoy running, and keeping up to date with my all time favorite sport 'boxing', last but not least trying new beers and drinks in general. As for the drinks I’ve learned you cannot have a love affair with whiskey because whiskey will never love you back.

I'm involved in the Information Technology industry, and as such welcome any jobs through this medium. Of course, I also consider it my personal space on the web whereby I can say "shit" and not be censored, sharing thoughts, ideas, and knowledge.

Oh I’ve also participated in various international events, such as , The World Conference on Youth, Global Startup Youth, The Fourth Global Entrepreneurship Summit, The World Youth Conference 2017 Belize, and the Hong Kong Social Enterprise. I’m also a proud 2012 One Young World Ambassador, and a Hansen fellow of the Hansen Summer Institute.

Feel free to drop a line via facebook, twitter or contact me directly to answer any specific questions you might have.

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